┬ęBrandi Gribbin 2016, byBrandi, House of Brandi-Logo
┬ęBrandi Gribbin 2016, byBrandi, House of Brandi-Logo

AUGUST 30, 2016              BY ADMIN         MISC


House of Brandi Rebrands, Launches New Online Presence including byBrandi Artistry

CEO of byBrandi, Brandi Gribbin, has made the decision to rebrand each department of her art under one which shall be known in the future as "House of Brandi".


House of Brandi will encompass all of the departments of art and services provided by Brandi Gribbin including Fashion Design, Fashion Photography, Fine Art, Digital Art, Wedding Photography and all sub-departments that these entail (i.e. portfolio photography, beauty photography, garment construction for clients, etc.)


House of Brandi can be found at www.HouseOfBrandi.com  but will continue to utilize www.byBrandi.com domain as well as social media usernames and hashtags until further notice.


Internet users in search of work done by House of Brandi can simply search in the search engine, "byBrandi" or "house of Brandi" to find the latest news, events, and published portfolio work.


Contact House of Brandi here:



NYC:      001.917.725.5034

DUBAI:  00.971.56.491.2542









"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

-Coco Chanel