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A Local Artist's Dream Come True!

Local Artist, Brandi Gribbin, has had a dream her entire life...that dream was to become a fashion designer.


In May of 2016, the stars finally aligned for Brandi's dream to come true.  Living in Dubai, she applied and was accepted into the French Fashion Insitute of Dubai, ESMOD.  The program is full-time for 3 years where Brandi will study things like textiles, draping techniques, pattern drafting, illustration, product creation, tailoring, textile design, and collection development among other topics.


Part of the ESMOD program requires students to produce 2 collections - one for second year, and a full 10 look collection for 3rd year.  Another part of the program requires students to take part in 2 internships for local fashion houses, making the transition from student to working designer a smoother process after graduation.


Brandi's first year begins September 18, 2016 and while she cannot divulge the specifics of techniques taught within the program, she will be posting daily and/or weekly pictures on her achievements on Instagram.


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